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Database Hosting

DanyTech Cloud excels as a leading database hosting company, offering top-notch services to meet the diverse needs of businesses. With a commitment to reliability and performance, we ensure that businesses can securely host their databases on a robust and efficient platform. Whether it’s leveraging the power of Oracle APEX hosting for rapid application development or harnessing the capabilities of PostgreSQL hosting for open-source database management, you can have tailored solutions to optimize database hosting experiences for your clients.


Oracle APEX Shared Hosting

DanyTech Cloud’s shared hosting services provide a cost-effective and scalable solution for individuals and small businesses seeking to establish their online presence. By sharing the resources of a physical server with multiple users, our shared hosting plans offer a balance of affordability, performance, and ease of use.

Oracle APEX Dedicated Hosting

Our dedicated hosting services provide businesses with a high-performance, secure, and fully customizable hosting solution tailored to their specific needs. By dedicating an entire virtual server to a single client, DanyTech Cloud’s dedicated hosting plans offer unrivaled performance, scalability, and control.


PostgreSQL Shared Hosting

Elevate your database management experience with PostgreSQL Shared Hosting, a cost-effective and scalable solution tailored for businesses seeking a robust and reliable hosting environment. By sharing the resources of a physical server with multiple users, our shared hosting offers an economical option without compromising performance or stability.

PostgreSQL Dedicated Hosting

Uncover the pinnacle of database management with PostgreSQL Dedicated Hosting, a premium solution designed to empower businesses with unparalleled performance, security, and control over their databases. By dedicating an entire virtual server to a single client, we offer an unrivaled hosting experience tailored to the most demanding workloads.


Cloud Solutions

In the ever-evolving realm of cloud computing, DanyTech Cloud stands out as a beacon of innovation, empowering businesses of all sizes to harness the transformative power of the cloud. With its robust infrastructure, cutting-edge technologies, and unwavering commitment to customer success, we deliver unparalleled cloud solutions that redefine the digital landscape.

Our each hosting plan starts from



$12 / month

APEX Dedicated Basic

$65 / month


$12 / month

PSQL-Dedicated Basic

$65 / month

Our Solutions Make Life Easier


  • Empower your business with a robust cloud infrastructure - the cornerstone of success in the digital era.
  • Drive innovation and growth with our scalable cloud infrastructure solutions - adapt seamlessly to evolving needs.
  • Future-proof your IT infrastructure with our cloud-based solutions - embrace agility, scalability, and cost-efficiency.


  • Navigate the cloudscape with confidence - discover the perfect cloud solution tailored to your unique needs.
  • Unleash the limitless potential of the cloud - transform your business with our scalable and secure cloud solutions.
  • Experience the cloud's transformative power - modernize operations, enhance collaboration, and achieve business agility.


  • Fortress your cloud infrastructure with impenetrable defense mechanisms.
  • Shield your organization's data from evolving cyber threats with our cloud-based security solutions.
  • Embrace unwavering protection in the cloud - safeguard your assets and maintain business continuity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between shared, dedicated, and cloud database hosting?

Shared hosting allows multiple users to share resources on a single physical server. It’s affordable but offers less control and performance. Meanwhile, dedicated hosting is a whole physical server for your database, providing superior performance, security, and customization. Lastly, cloud hosting ensures that your database runs on virtual servers in the cloud, offering scalability and flexibility with pay-as-you-go pricing.

What are the benefits of using cloud database hosting?

  • Scalability: Easily scale your resources up or down as your needs change.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Pay only for what you use, eliminating the need for upfront infrastructure investments.
  • Accessibility: Access your database from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Disaster recovery: Cloud providers have built-in disaster recovery plans to protect your data.
  • Automatic updates and maintenance: No need to worry about patching and updates, the cloud provider handles it.

What are the security considerations for cloud database hosting?

  • Data privacy: Choose a provider with strong security measures and compliance certifications.
  • Data access controls: Implement proper access controls to limit who can access your data.
  • Encryption: Encrypt your data at rest and in transit for added protection.
  • Regular backups: Regularly backup your data to recover from any incidents.

What factors should I consider when choosing a database hosting provider?

  • Your specific database needs: What type of database do you use? What are your performance and security requirements?
  • Scalability: Can the provider accommodate your future growth?
  • Cost: Compare pricing models and features to find the best value for your budget.
  • Support: Does the provider offer 24/7 support and have a good reputation for customer service?

How can I migrate my existing database to the cloud?

Many cloud providers offer migration tools and services to simplify the process. You can also work with a database migration specialist for a more customized approach

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